Confidence, Trust & Empathy: My Leadership Philosophy

There are three things I’ve looked for in a leader, as well as three things I’ve aimed for myself. Confidence. Trust. Empathy. Some come naturally for me while others may be an ongoing journey of self-discovery. These are never meant to be steps of a process or boxes to tick off a list. They exemplify … Continue reading Confidence, Trust & Empathy: My Leadership Philosophy

Great Achievements in Sci-Fi History

Achievements that changed the face of the science fiction genre... Yikes, this could be a big one; not to mention incredibly broad! But with Doctor Who celebrating its 50th Anniversary next year, I thought it a good idea to sound off on some great moments in sci-fi. And before anyone gets all up in arms … Continue reading Great Achievements in Sci-Fi History

Q&A with Ming-Na Wen

The last time we saw our plucky Agents they were facing some changes among their team. Ming-Na Wen, who plays the tough-as-nails Agent Melinda May, was in Toronto to discuss the return of “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” and how these characters will have to adapt their new realities. First half of the season, Agent … Continue reading Q&A with Ming-Na Wen

The stars of ‘Gotham’ discover there’s more to explore with these legacy characters

Ben McKenzie is taking on a role that has been depicted by the likes of Gary Oldman, Pat Hingle, Bob Hastings, and Neil Hamilton, not to mention written about by various writers since 1939. He admits he was a little anxious as he researched the character asking for source material from Geoff Johns, the Chief … Continue reading The stars of ‘Gotham’ discover there’s more to explore with these legacy characters

Rage Against “Geek Chic”

When you put [blank] in front of the word “chic,” suddenly that [blank] is a novelty. “Geek chic” is the same. Thick-framed glasses, short-sleeved plaid shirts, suspenders, high-waist pants and a bowtie—congratulations, you just pulled together the aesthetic 1950s stereotypical geek. Now make it sexy and socially acceptable! “Geek chic” is a trend or style … Continue reading Rage Against “Geek Chic”