‘The Flash’ speeds onto CTV with heart, humour, and heroes

It’s no secret that comic book movies and TV shows have been dominating our culture these last few years. It takes more than just a suit and a super ability to make your mark in the comic book movie/TV genre and the stars of the new CTV series “The Flash” are confident that their show has what it takes to come out on top.

When asked what will make “The Flash” stand out, Grant Gustin (Barry Allen/The Flash) and Candace Patton (Iris West) answered with one word in unison: heart. Gustin says, “It has so much heart built into the story because [creators] Andrew Kreisberg, Geoff Johns, and Greg Berlanti care so much about this.”

Patton adds, “It’s more than about super heroes. It’s about a guy and what he’s gone through and what he’s about to go through. It pulls at my heartstrings. I think fans who love The Flash will love this about the show.”

In the case of Danielle Panabaker’s character Caitlin Snow, who first showed up in “Arrow,” she is thrown into a different emotional tailspin.

“Caitlin lost her fiancé and her career is dramatically shifted,” Panabaker tells me, “she cares so much and she wants to change the world.”

And while there is a lot of emotions to thread the story and characters together, Gustin promises that people will be surprised at how hilarious the show is. “It’s really funny and the effects… there hasn’t really been anything like this on a TV show. I know the fans are nervous… Is it going to look right?’ It’s going to look good. It’s going to be really funny and you’re going to cry.”

(Source – originally posted October 1, 2014)